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Irradiation facility ( Proton/Neutron)

    The characteristics of the proton irradiation facility (IRRAD1) are:

    o shuttle + x/y stage

    o primary proton PS beam: PS-T7 beam line

    o proton energy: 24 GeV

    o proton flux: 2 to 4 10^9 p cm-2 s-1 (10h for 10^14 p cm-2)

    Pictures of the entrance of the shuttle:

        1    2  

    The characteristics of the neutron irradiation facility (IRRAD2) are:

    o shuttle

    o in DIRAC beam dump: PS-T8 beam line

    o neutron energy: 50 keV - 1 MeV

    o proton/pion energy: 0.3 - 4 GeV

    o neutron flux: 2 to 7 10^9 n cm-2 s-1 (10h for 10^14 n cm-2)

    o proton/pion flux: ~10% that of neutrons

    The areas provide a number of advantages:

    o only possibility for neutron irradiation at CERN,

    o high particle flux in reasonable time,

    o fast turnaround, short irradiation ,

    o possibility to move samples into beam without entrance into irradiation area,

    o use of well-developed PS East Hall infrastructure.